In this 5 day class, students will get to know other homeschooled filmmakers and work on their skills together. Anyone who is interested in film can benefit from learning more about every department and gaining respect for what others do. Acting is not covered, as this intensive is about the rest of the team supporting the actors, however it can be beneficial for aspiring actors who would like to learn more about the entire process and branch into other things.

After completing the intensive, students will be eligible for future internships with the team and other opportunities to work with the more experienced filmmakers on set. Those who show excellent team skills will definitely have more fun projects thrown their way!

Day 1 – In Class

Day one we will talk about the structure of large scale productions and what each position’s job description is. Students will receive the script and any other pre-production art and paperwork for the film for studying in their off time.

 Day 2 – In Class

Day two we will talk about being a part of a team and the attitudes we need to succeed as filmmakers. We will also go over instructions for the first day on set!

Day 3 – On Set!

Day three we will convene early in the morning in Coeur d’Alene, ID at a green screen studio where we will be filming for our two shoot days. Students will experience a professional set environment and get to work in the trenches with each department. All students will be on a rotating crew schedule so they can spend time in each department and get to participate in the activities of that department. Expect shoot days to be long and get as much sleep as you can the night after!

Day 4 – On Set Again

Day four is crunch time where the film must be completed! Students will continue on their rotating schedule and help wrap the production out of the studio in Coeur d’Alene. No easy feat!

 Day 5 – In Class

Day 5 will be the last day. We will talk about everyone’s experiences, watch everyone’s video submissions followed by constructive critique and encouragement. A pizza party will be provided after the normal class time to wrap up our epic adventures together!

What are We Filming?

In 2017 we had an epic adventure when we were suddenly waylaid by a very large snowfall in Western Washington that changed all of our plans and locations and added a lot of complications. This year we’ve decided to change things up and shoot indoors! Yay!

We will be shooting a short film with several intricate sets built for the project in a greenscreen studio. The story is a self-sacrificial plot line set in future space, about a small crew that discovers they have a saboteur on board and have to escape their vessel in an escape pod. With the greenscreen we have the ability to do some wire stunts with our actors and simulate weightlessness. We are so excited to have this opportunity!

Do you have any questions or concerns about the intensive? Please send us an email here, and let us get it all straightened out for you!