We understand that sometimes cost is a barrier to learning what you would like to learn about filmmaking. We are in those same shoes as well! This scholarship program is meant to bridge the gap for serious students who feel they would really benefit from attending the HomeGrown Film Intensive, but don’t have the funds to pay for it at this time.

In the interest of transparency, we would like you to know that this class is a labor of love for all the instructors. All the funds we receive from tuition go toward making an awesome filmmaking experience for those that attend the class, such as food, location costs, materials for sets and costumes, etc. FILMMAKING IS EXPENSIVE!

How to Apply

Step 1. Write to us, let us know who you are, and let us know that you are intending to apply for the scholarship program. admin@homegrownfilmintensive.com (DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! If we do not know you are planning on applying and coming we cannot guarantee there will be space for you!)

Step 2. Ask your parents, grandparents, extended family, friends, church, and community for contributions (or ways you can make money!) to help you take this class. We will be looking at the effort you are putting toward your ability to contribute when considering your application. The more people you ask, the more likely you are to receive what you need! You may not apply without first taking this step.

Step 3. Come up with the total amount you are able to pay toward the tuition cost, including the contributions from Step 2 and what you are personally able to spend now. We may offer you a payment plan option if you feel you will have more funds to contribute by the time the class begins. You will be applying for a scholarship that will cover the remaining tuition costs.

Step 4. Fill out this form to submit your application: https://goo.gl/forms/r44dQzRI3v1yK4pv2

Tips for Step 2

  1. Write out a list of reasons why you want to come. This will help you communicate with others about your need.
  2. Activate your faith! Pray frequently and ask the Lord to give you favor as you ask others for help, and to bless you with the funds you need. He is ready and waiting to give to us according to the desires He has put in our hearts.
  3. You can use this form letter (or pieces of it) to come up with what you want to say or write to your network as you begin asking for funds. Personalize the letter as much as possible to yourself and who you are sending it to. Nobody likes to get form letters.

    Contribution Request Form